About the Lakeside Country Club

Bob PotterLakeside Country Club, also known as The Home of World darts, is a top UK venue for international Cabaret, which has been graced by royalty & international celebrities.

It was built from very humble beginnings by Bob Potter OBE, owner & Managing Director of The Lakeside Group of Companies (Bob Potter Leisure Ltd), whose vision has resulted in the growth of the Club.

Wharfenden purchase

It was back in 1971 that Bob, a former musician and show promoter, bought Wharfenden House and the surrounding grounds which included the Wharfenden Lake in Frimley Green, Nr. Camberley in Surrey.

This was to become home to a high class dinner/dance venue in order to capitalise on his years of experience in the music business.

In the two decades prior to settling in Frimley Green, Bob was a touring show promoter presenting and hiring some of the biggest chart names around. He continued that business in the new Lakeside 599-seat auditorium.

Name any of the big international stars of the day and they would have performed at Lakeside. Within a few short years the popularity of the venue grew and the Lakeside Country Club's auditorium was extended to seat 1200 people. It has a live television-ready stage and is today home to the Lakeside World Darts Championships which are viewed by millions of people around the world each January on live television in the UK and around the world.

The Club, also became famous on the cabaret circuit of the 70's 80's, and 90's and continues to be almost uniquely successful in the 21st century.

One Man's Dream
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The 'place to go'

In 1978 Lakeside fell victim to a devastating fire but by 1979 Bob had resurrected the Club and re-opened an even better venue.

Top international stars, royalty and high profile politicians all soon became regular visitors establishing Lakeside as “The Place to go”.

Recognising that his patrons needed overnight accommodation for the weekend events as well as to accommodate visiting business people to centres in Surrey and Hampshire, Bob's business expanded into hotel and hospitality. The Lakeside International Hotel was built onsite and then.the demand for accommodation became so great that the Lakeside Continental Hotel was constructed nextdoor and as that filled, Potter's International Hotel was added in Aldershot, Hampshire - a 10 minute drive away.

In addition he opened Potter's Steakhouse in nearby Mytchett alongside the beautiful Basingstoke Canal which is now a favourite place for diners.

Good corporate citizen

The name Bob Potter is well known in Surrey. His businesses have grown and span home rentals, construction, gaming and other endeavours.

Bob Potter Leisure Limited also has a charity arm which finances philantrophic endeavours in the community.

It is part of the group of companies owned by Bob Potter Leisure Limited in Frimley Green, Surrey, England. The group comprises hotels, sporting facilities (darts, pool, snooker, squash, golf), health and fitness gyms, restaurants, meeting rooms, fruit machine rentals, construction companies, nightclubs and leisure centres.

Opening Hours

Details can be found on our contacts details page. Alternatively, contact us at 01252 836 464 Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm. The Box Office is also opened during the times of all shows.

Lakeside Country Club is part of the Lakeside group of companies owned by Bob Potter Leisure Limited in Frimley Green, Surrey, England.